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2014 Chevrolet Volt Review: Tops Prius Usability But Not Price

While a car on paper look as good or maybe even better than the Prius, the price tag will remind you that it is definitely not a Prius. The Chevrolet Volt … …read more

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Breaching the IT soft skills quagmire

I hit on the Enterprise UX skills gap recently, but modern enterprise projects are exacerbating skills gaps across several dimensions, including: UX and … …read more

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2014 Chevrolet Volt Review: Beats Prius Usability But Not Price

The Chevrolet Volt, an electric / petrol car that can rival Prius in terms of usability but pricey. The Chevrolet Volt is powered by a 1.4 EREV engine with … …read more

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Jackrabbit Oak Blends ‘Performance and Dynamic UX’

There’s a good reason for marketers to pay attention to Jackrabbit Oak, the newest version of the Apache Software Foundation’s open source content … …read more

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Usability Matters wins Communicator Award

Canada’s premier user experience studio, Usability Matters, has been awarded the Communicator Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual … …read more

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This Spreadsheet Is A Definitive Guide To Springpad Alternatives

This spreadsheet, put together by members of the Springpad Google+ Community, is packed with alternatives, organised by features, usability and … …read more

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UST Global Partners With California Schools to Challenge App Design

“UST Global UX Graphic Design Outreach Program is a great way for the technology industry and higher education to come together for the betterment … …read more

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UX Week 2013

Early bird tickets are now available for UX Week 2013  hosted by @AdaptivePath and if previous years line-ups are anything to go by, it’s going to be the one stop shop of 2013 for all of your UX needs!

If you book by the end of the year, you will save a whopping $800 (£495) and your ticket will grant you all of the following:

  • Two amazing days of inspirational general session talks
  • Two brain-melting days of hands-on workshops
  • Lunch every day – be sure to bring your appetite
  • Copious amounts of caffeine (coffee, tea and high energy snacks)
  • The opportunity to party down at nightly receptions and activities
  • So much more, we can’t even go there…

So head on over to the UX Week 2013 website for more information and a link to register for the early bird tickets and maybe I’ll see you in San Francisco next year!

Be sure to leave a comment below if you’re going.

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Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes

matthodgkinson.com - People looking at wireframes

People looking at wireframes courtesy of cjrphotos

I read an interesting article today uxmag.com which discussed the advantages and disadvantages of low, mid and high fidelity wireframes which ties in with an approach which we are trialling in the office.

The article goes on to suggest that mockups or mid fidelity wireframes, are the best approach as they offer a balance of detail and time effectiveness; especially when we produce mockups in the browser itself as our mockups created in HTML can be taken to the development teams and a certain amount of HTML and CSS can be reused, saving development time, as discussed here:

By getting rid of traditional wireframes and directing those efforts toward producing quick mockups first and actual HTML/CSS code later, your design process will account for the limitations and possibilities of the Web (desktop and mobile). You will also save valuable time for the back-end developer. In addition, wireframing in the browser can be a nice and fun way of getting yourself writing HTML and CSS code, which is a must for a Web or mobile designer these days.

Obviously, this isn’t a blanket policy which should dictate every design idea process;  prototypes or high fidelity wireframes may still be needed when we are creating native, visually complex mobile apps for example. In this scenario it is important to have detailed specifications for screen size etc, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t consider HTML wireframing as this can provide a mockup which can be displayed on the intended device.

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